Raquel García Arévalo (Taisa-Designer)

Raquel García Arévalo (aka Taisa)

Business Analyst and Designer, specialized in User Experience

Computer engineer, designer, mother, blogger and living in Germany.

More than 10 years of experience in Software developement.

Freelance in Germany since 2015.

Love for computers, technology and design.


My strong points:

How can I help you?

Diseño de Páginas Web

Web Design

On the Internet, if you don’t have a Website, you do not exist.
Get the website of your dreams in less time than you expected.

I will help you from the start, so you will get what you want and your customers will be amazed.


Graphic Design

Your Logo and your Brand Image are your business’ identity.

Together we will find what fits you best.

La experiencia de usuario es importante, nos centraremos en lo que es importante para tus clientes

User Experience  (UX)

Your potential customers or users are the key of your business.

With user driven design I will help you to focus on them and their needs.


Design Portfolio

You can take a look at my design works, so you can know better how I work.

Logo Design


Web Design


From some image edition, a Logo or Website, to a complete pack with everything you need to start your own business.
Only tell me what you need.

Talk me about your project. We will see how can I help you and make it happen.

Don’t delay your dreams!

You can also send me a message: