Raquel García Arévalo (Taisa)

My name is Raquel García Arévalo, and Taisa is my online nickname since 20 years.

I am a mother of two kids, a computer engineer, a blogger and a technology freak.

I work now as a Freelance, helping with my technical knowledge other mothers to start their own business and improve their online presence.


Extensive experience in Software Development

I worked for more than 10 years with a leading Spanish company in the care services software sector, as business analyst, interface and graphic designer, specialized in User Experience (UX).

Since 2015, when I moved to Germany, I work as a freelance. Later moved we back to Spain, and I continue to work on my own business as a web designer.


Freelance Graphic and Web designer

I started making some projects for friends and family. Then I move on my own projects: This website and also my Blog about maternity and life in Germany.


What is your passion?

With what do you spend hours and time flies?

For me, it is Design.

If you found what you love too, I can help you to have your own website and make a living of it.

How did I get to work as a Designer?

I always knew what I wanted to make in life: A mix of creativity and technology

I have always been interested in computers and digital image since I was a kid. I started to use computers and play with Paint when I was about 5 years old.

I had my first own computer at the age of 11. I tried once to dismount it and put it back together. No doubt, I was born to work with computers.

I loved Disney, and Pixar’s 3D animation. At some point, I saw a documentary about the company and how they work, and I fell in love with it. I wanted to become a 3D designer or an animator. Looking for a way to it, I studied computer sciences.

Getting to know Design

In 2008, I started working for a growing small software company in the support department. Within few months, a new opportunity came, and I started to work as a Business Analyst. Indeed, in a small company you end up taking care of lots of different tasks.

There I found my love for design. Furthermore I got interested in User Interface and I liked it. It became soon part of my tasks, and then I started to learn about Usability, User Experience and Interaction Design and apply it to my work. I also made some icon design and worked together with other designers in a complete style makeover of the software interface. No one else had thought about usability or design before so it was a huge improvement for the software.

After moving to Germany, I initially kept working with this company as an external collaborator, and I started as well working in Freelance projects by myself.

Flying alone

Step by step, I was able to find more projects through my network. Other mothers saw what I could do, and they  wanted me to help them.

So the summer of 2018 I found the courage to focus only on my own business, spread my wings and start to fly alone.

 Now the sky is the limit.

Why should you work with me?


I love design. I enjoy every project I work in, and its success. As it was my own project.


My work as a Business Analyst and blogger helped me to develop great writing skills and improve them everyday.


Joining this with the SEO knowledge that I adquired recently, I can help you to improve your website content and optimize it to get found easier in Google and other search engines.


In my day to day I face to solve problems. It’s something that I’m good at and I love using my creativity for it. Give me a problem, and I will offer you solutions.


I have programming and technical knowledge too, so I do not just take care of the “external” part. I can take care of the everything.


I manage three websites and blogs of my own with a good growth rate. So I know what it is to start your own website and business.


I keep learning everyday, to apply the knowledge in both my projects and yours if you want to work with me.

What the people I’ve worked with say

(Translated) Making the new website with Taisa has been the best decision I have made for my business. Not only has been responsible for creating it, but she has helped me to structure the contents so that it is easy to navigate and find by search engines. Also, she has taught me so much on the way, that now I can easily take charge of the updates or changes I want to make.

Having a Web page today is essential because it is usually the first thing your potential customers look for when they want to know more about what you do. Giving a good first image is fundamental, and that can only be done once.

I am sure that I will continue counting on her for further revisions and adjustments at my website. If you are thinking about improving your website or making one, I definitely recommend it.

Amaia Armendariz

Besotan | Babywearing Consultancy Heidelberg (Germany)

(Translated) I’m happy with the results of the work, because Taisa helps you shape your vision in a web design and also helps you make important improvements to the content. She explains you important things that make your website look much better. She manage not only the design, but also marketing issues such as SEO, contents, ideal customer…

Some people says that you can create a website yourself, and it is true. But the quality of Taisa’s work is that of a professional. And that reflects in the design, in the contents, in the patience and affection that Taisa has, so that things go as you wish but with a super-professional touch. On top of that, she pushed me to keep going and not get lost in the way. For me, she was the angel of my web.

I am very happy with the design but above all for such a clear, precise and patient advice for someone like me who does not handle many technical terms and knowledge in this area. An investment that has been worth it!

A heartfelt thanks for such a beautiful job.

Graciela Hurtado

Habla Conmigo | Spanish teacher in Erlangen (Germany)

(Translated) Having a good website is essential nowadays. We have a local business with different articles. We offer services. For example, installation of curtains, stage decoration for events, home and businesss decoration projects. We sell Valencian silk fabrics and I design traditional clothing.

Thanks to our website designed by Raquel, we connected with lots of customers. Our website is concise, clear and easy to use. It also has a lot of style. She has captured our professional image very well. We thank her for for her good work.

Our website has helped us grow and has allowed many potential customers to get to know us. Thanks to our website we have hired many jobs.

Isabel Romero

Fashion designer, Paco Palau | Decoration and Textil handicrafts

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